Saturday, September 26, 2009

wild animals: ATTACK

ahaha this is actually pretty funny, at other's expense. reminds me of my own family members.
this one time this wild turkey held up quite the traffic jam on my street. it was huge. so my brother decides to go outside and chase after it....of course this prompts my mother to follow suit. and so i look out the window: long long line of cars, two asians running around shooing the damn turkey....dear lord. of course my mother comes in and decides to whip out her camcorder and tape my wild bro chasing the turkey around. sigh....

pretty lame...yeah 1 exam down two more to go, FUN WEEK!

such a sad gloomy day...

currently listening to: jack johnson, yeah its one of those days...
ughh its raining and i wasted half my day.

and i am obviously not studying for the three exams... sox got shut out by the yankess, yippee... this day just got so much better.
on a happier note, new shoes!

so for my birthday i received in my mailbox this GYnormous package with my mumsicle's handwriting i open the package and this is what i got:

yah it is a humongous hideous photo albm filled with pages and pages of fobby asians. love.
plus she left me this GREAT birthday message complete with birthday songs in both chinese and english (she later told me she sang them in a bakery filled with normal people.)

ok so it has just been brought to my attention that i bought 2 left shoes. i am retarded.
this is the best day ever.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


so i realized that most people who read my old blog have either little or no interest in fashion and so i decided that it is fair time to separate the two. this blog will go back to what it was originally made for: my rants, opinions, and life happenings. if anyone cares...

new fashion blog: