Friday, July 23, 2010

hey turds

everything is in frikin chinese and i cant read jackshit...

wow, i forgot about this nifty lil blog.
okay so since Buhbies and Turkey still read this i will provide an update on the LIFE OF AN EGGRORR. i am now halfway around the world in the land of my ancestors. i've basc been sleeping. kinda missin the good U.S. of A already cause no ones know what i'm tlakin about. i'll be like hey check out that GUID there or that chola looking hott mess ova there and they'll just stare at me. and they dont seem to understand that you cant be a celtics fan and have a kobe poster hanging in you room. thats like tellin someone you're a yankees and red sox fan which i would just roll my eyes at and give you pure sass cause it makes no sense. speaking of which no one here understands when i sass them or understand that being a fresh piece of attitude to me is highly unacceptable. plus it is BALLS HOT HERE, i can't even breath. okay tomorrow i will finally venture out and maybe buy a video camera and documents my travels. and get some frikin wifi cause i cannot deal with all the chinese on this computer.

oh and take glamour shots like such with my azn family.
yes that is Mike oh whoops i mean THE SITUATION.

peace to the bumcrease,