Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i am slowly withering away...

herro munchkins.

i'm back in the HK. this summer has been way too busy and stressful. i have not stopped since i've come home from school. we just came back from zhuhai/macau and i think i sweated 56% of my body's liquid content away. not to mention i mght now have epilepsy due to my mother's constant camera flash. cause with mumsicles, its no matter if the sun's out and beaming all its powerful rays or all the lights have been turned on, even on auto mode if the picture is taken without flash then it doesnt count, oui these si lai's...in macau i finally got to go into the casinos, pretty rad. too bad it was with a bunch of old geezers and i didn;t know how to play anything. i did walk away with $100 more dollars than i went in with, but i should have made all the bets cause yours truly was 5 for 5, i think i have espN or something. last night my hairy, uber sweaty, insanely phlegmy fob cousin kept us all up due to his freakishly loud snoring. not normal for someone his age, we're sure he has some sort of medical condition. not to mention my lil bro dicky has an extremely weak stomach here and has to poop 4 times a day and death inducing farts. the other day he was pooping and i was chillin in the living room and THIS AWFUL STENCH filled my beautiful nostrils. the servant told us not to breath in but then even she couldn't handle it and had to open up all the windows. i could smell his shitpile in the next bathroom over. IT PERMEATED THROUGH THE WALLS. i wanted to die, kids got issues. and i can't catch up on any of my tv shows. the one english show they have is MONK which is blah. so now i have no choice but to get hooked on these stupid azn soap operas, which i swore i wouldn't...oh another story we were eating and the miss. hong kong pageant was on, #13 won and DICK TWEETED taylor swift about it becuase thats her lucky number. i could go on and on with stories about how special he is. i have to face him day in and day out and i fear for my brain cells by the time i get back to school. okay those are my travel stories for the day, i'm waiting to be retrieved right now but i think my mother forgot to come get us. she forgot her birthday the other day and how old her son is.

hope you're having a good summer bon qui qui ;) ;)

rove always,