Thursday, December 24, 2009

alright mother

well here i am sitting home with my super wacked out family. my trip coming home was quite the little adventure like always. i swear there is a little black cloud that follows me whenever i travel...there was however a bunch of very good looking men on that bolt bus, one of which sat next me and i'm pretty sure during the course of that 4 hour ride i drooled all over him in my sleep. so so sexy. and again, my father decides to forget me. basically leaving me at the bus station to die. very reliable parent that man is....well tomorrow is christmas, and here i am on christmas eve writing on my blog (which i recently discovered that at least one person actually reads, HERRO JK!), let me just say how uneventful this christmas is, well like the rest of 2009, not much goin on. fun times.

so my mom was talking about some nonsense and in response to her blabber, i randomly threw out my catchphrase "mom, don't be such a hater" she then got extremely offended and yelled at me for calling her hitler and asked me over and over how she in any way resembled hitler. yes, true story. booooyyyy is it going to be a long break.

well i have to go eat and change this strange pattern of sleeping until 2:30 in the afternoon. i will leave you with my favorite video of the year, no one else finds this as funny as i do.

and this lovely mariah carey song
oh wowzers i just realized this isn't the original, oh well its more festive.

OH and one more thing, YOURS TRULY, YES ME, WENT TO VISIT THE JERSEY SHORE HOUSE! all my dreams came true, it was a magical moment.



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i rather be doing something else

well hello.

i seem to have forgotten about this blog. so its finals week and i'm trying to put off studying, so here i am. this is going to bite me in the ass once i get my grades. i was so bored, i randomly decided to curl my hair in the middle of studying. this is quite celebratory considering how i never brush/do my hair. good job v. um so the year 2009 is about to pass. pretty strange how darn fast this year went by. and boy was it a sucky ass year. i don't recall a single momentous or worthwhile occasion that took place in 2009. dear lord, here's to hopefully better things to come in 2010.

what's on my mind...
i think its pretty ridiculous when people do that "if you mess with so and so, you mess with me" is that suppose to scare me? because half the time the people saying this are dinky ass mofos. if anything i would mess with them more. just cause i'm an asshole. i don't know...small thought i found funny.

oh you know what else i don't not appreciate? profile pictures of people kissing/cuddling/being gross with their significant other. yeah we know you love each other, too bad no one cares or wants to see that. it's not cute, its nauseating.

EEEEKKKKKK i saw a sneak peak for part one of the last harry potter movie and i almost shat myself. it is pretty gnarly, you should probably check it out....whoever is still reading this. man, i sound so intelligent and classy in these posts. hopefully if i run for office one day/become famous this will not haunt me. but then again, who am i kidding.

yeah its cold as balls outside, and i won't be home till the 22nd...beantown will be so butt ass cold which now hurts my joints, yes i'm 85 years old. alrighty i should probably go back to studying...i can probably kiss law school goodbye since i am so disgustingly lazy.



Sunday, October 18, 2009


wow i have neglected this blog for far too long. to be honest there's not much going on in my life besides studying and eating...its a fun time.

anyways, i cannot believe i'll be home in two weeks. it's gonna be strange being back home when so much has changed. nevertheless i'm stoked beyond words. get to see my special family and goober friends after about three months. i've been thinking more and more about where i want to go after school finishes. i have always thought politics/international affairs was the way to go but now deeper and deeper into my studies i'm starting to have second thoughts. i wanted to do something that would affect others and make an impact in this very messed up world of ours. As far as what i'm studying right now, the passion is just not there anymore. don't get me wrong i will always have an interest in such matters but i'm just wondering if i'll be happy doing it for the rest of my life and i want to spend it doing something i'm happy about. i know fashion is an impractical route to a lot of people and i do see where they're coming from. there are so many girls that claim fashion is their passion and really their lives completely revolve around it even before they're in school. it would be such a waste to completely do a 360 and transfer to parsons. obviously i don't really know if i'll like working in fashion until i shadow someone. but it is so hard to get an insider's perspective in that field. i mean what exactly do magazines or designers look for when hiring someone outside of personal style? you know what my dream job would be? be a buyer for bergdorfs or saks. you get paid a crapload to shop and i think i have a pretty good idea of what would sell. who am i those girls on the hills/city are so incredibly lucky. to have a camera follow them around and get paid thousands per episode and then lead off into such amazing opportunities at teen vogue or dvf.

i guess life really is about chance and luck sometimes, i mean watch this video:

the baby survived with a just a few small bumps on his head, incredible.

we get that one chance. usually it comes down to yes or no but it is always so much more complicated than that. i wish there weren't so many other factors. i wish you could just choose on impulse but alas life is life and i have just gotta deal with it and make my own chances.

what exactly do i want anymore??

well have a good one!

Friday, October 9, 2009

buh buh buh

so my homesickness is beginning to really get to me. not only am i lacking some good home cooked meals but i am beginning to miss my mother yelling at me. oddly enough. so i stumbled across these videos, funny thing is that i understand what the women are saying and i completely see that within my own family...good god, i wonder if i'll be like that once i hit 50?

one thing for sure, never fight with a middle aged asian woman. just don't do it, because trust me. you will lose. you'll see...

and also a majority of asian women are drama queens. myself included. we freak out easily cause its in our nature. we can't help it, so word of advice, just stand there, say and do nothing.

wowzers. too too funny

lets see what is going on in my life...?
well for starters, i cut my hair. a lot of it. it is pretty darn short compared to before. i am so excited for thanksgiving because yours truly finally gets to go home!! woot. but it also means hell until then cause of exams and papers and then once i get back more hell cause its finals count down. wow it just never ends but its funny how fast it is going by. also i heard it is extremely cold back home. apparently its snowing somewhere in md, which is pretty unheard of so i can't even imagine how bone chilling beantown will be.

yeah so a while back i told you about my bro sneakin his lovely face into all of my luggage, it was mighty beautiful to walk to class with his doofy face on a keychain on my backpack. oh did i mention he's in a police uniform. reals embarrassing...but i finally gathered most of it, there's more and here's a little snapshot of what i found:

there's the keychain and magnet up in the right corner, i also found a sticker of his face PERMANENTLY stuck to my retainer case, so every morning & night when i use it i see this extra special face. just look at the pose with the nature background and the glazed over eyes...he looks somewhat autistic, which he is.

and then this lovely scroll is hanging on my desk directly facing my roomate. so when she wakes up BOOM there he is. and that pose with the slight 20 degree lean is just priceless.

and lastly. this card. which i received in my inbox with a note: "snuggle buddy vic, i hope you like this, it took me over an hour to make." THIS TOOK HIM ONE HOUR TO MAKE. oh my dear god. that's all i can say, btw that's his face on what is clearly NOT HIS BODY.

i cannot believe i even miss him. the kid is that special.

well goodbye for now, these next few weeks are going to be gawd awful. i'll do my best to update!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i wish i knew french...

wow i cannot believe it is october is balls cold already down here in maryland. anyways what is on my mind today...

oh yes i cannot stand/hate flaky ass people
really it is common courtesy to either let the person know in advance or to give a simple gawd honest answer. Gesus krist...i really don't understand. and don't think people don't know. like updating your facebook or twitter when you're supposedly "busy". or completely ignoring an extremely important message sent to your fbook inbox. I KNOW YOU'RE THERE AND I KNOW YOU GOT THE MESSAGE. if it wasnt important, trust me, i would not make the effort. its not too hard to put two and two together. really it is just so extremely rude and disrespectful. don't act like a diva or a douchebag and beat around the bush. don't drag people around and think that their plans or lives revolves around your schedule. and if i ask you about it, give an honest answer, say yes or no or why, don't NOT REPLY AT ALL, and leave me hanging. good lord, i'm sorry but that is just one of my biggest pet peeves, when people can't keep their promises or make no effort at all. i'm glad momma taught me well. she may be crazy but she damn well did her best to teach me common courtesy and manners.

so the other day my roomate and i were extremely bored and losing our minds from studying so it was indeed another youtube night. i'm sure you've seen the two asian fobs lipsynching to backstreet boys. well we REdiscovered them and they are simply HIGHlarious, well at least to just the two of us. and so we spent the next 2 hours watching them and this is what we found:

the classic, look how big his nostrils get, and they look like my cousins....

and this one is too much simply because of the song and the sad part is that both my brother dick and i have this atrocious song on our ipods. and yes we groove to it.

this one is just weird, how many times does that kid come up??

and this amazing black eyed peas song. note their facial expressions...

AND THEN THIS ONE. it is my favorite. 1.) because my amazing mother has about 100 cassettes with this incredible music 2.) she dragged me to several chinese opera shows when we were in china 3.) here, they are the males, the females GO even higher, MUCH MUCH higher. i know, it makes me want to tear my ears off after, and 4.) LOOK AT THEM AND THOSE FABULOUS COSTUMES. what normal people own these and puts them takes like 15 minutes to just put the bottoms on. plus i love the one boy in the back who just plays PC games while the two weirdos do their thing. he's completely at ease.

sorry i have a weird sense of humor and i for one, find these two incredibly fabulous and hilarious. maybe because they remind me so much of my own family...christ, there are many more videos but i won't burden you with strange azn videos. they do sing to some jay chou songs, also formerly on my ipod. sad, i know.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

wild animals: ATTACK

ahaha this is actually pretty funny, at other's expense. reminds me of my own family members.
this one time this wild turkey held up quite the traffic jam on my street. it was huge. so my brother decides to go outside and chase after it....of course this prompts my mother to follow suit. and so i look out the window: long long line of cars, two asians running around shooing the damn turkey....dear lord. of course my mother comes in and decides to whip out her camcorder and tape my wild bro chasing the turkey around. sigh....

pretty lame...yeah 1 exam down two more to go, FUN WEEK!

such a sad gloomy day...

currently listening to: jack johnson, yeah its one of those days...
ughh its raining and i wasted half my day.

and i am obviously not studying for the three exams... sox got shut out by the yankess, yippee... this day just got so much better.
on a happier note, new shoes!

so for my birthday i received in my mailbox this GYnormous package with my mumsicle's handwriting i open the package and this is what i got:

yah it is a humongous hideous photo albm filled with pages and pages of fobby asians. love.
plus she left me this GREAT birthday message complete with birthday songs in both chinese and english (she later told me she sang them in a bakery filled with normal people.)

ok so it has just been brought to my attention that i bought 2 left shoes. i am retarded.
this is the best day ever.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


so i realized that most people who read my old blog have either little or no interest in fashion and so i decided that it is fair time to separate the two. this blog will go back to what it was originally made for: my rants, opinions, and life happenings. if anyone cares...

new fashion blog: