Saturday, May 8, 2010


Green Tip:
For wrapping and boxing, use recycled paper. Go for boxes made from recycled cardboard. Most post offices and stationers provide these products.

mood: things feelin a little bittersweet
currently listening to: Airplanes-B.o.B

herro, its been awhile. i apologize. what to write about today...?
um well i haven't stopped eating. munchin away nearly every waking hour of the day for the past week, i think i have a worm. instead of reading, i am pondering away about which country to go to for my peace corps work. right now i'm down to Jamaica, Morocco, South Africa, or Fiji.

also i am considering becoming a vegetarian full time. i'm sure that's gonna disappoint many, especially my meat lovin family. but so far i am failing for my love for bacon is far too strong. everyone should watch Food Inc. seriously, its sad when a hamburger costs less than a head of lettuce.

umm...what else, oh yeah i'm probably going to start making this a video blog (we'll see how long that lasts) but for the people who do read this, it would be really nice if you left some comments, do you like the setup, questions, thoughts, anything you would like to see in particular. it would just be nice for me to get some feedback.

oh isn't it sad when friends just drift apart for no reason....i was thinking about how close i was with so many people, practically inseparable with some, and then i don't know what happened, but you just wake up one morning and realize you haven't talked to these people in quite some time. and then you don't know what to talk sad. but i guess the true good friends are the ones that stick around and no matter how much time has passed, its as if nothing's changed.

okay i need to go work out now.