Thursday, December 24, 2009

alright mother

well here i am sitting home with my super wacked out family. my trip coming home was quite the little adventure like always. i swear there is a little black cloud that follows me whenever i travel...there was however a bunch of very good looking men on that bolt bus, one of which sat next me and i'm pretty sure during the course of that 4 hour ride i drooled all over him in my sleep. so so sexy. and again, my father decides to forget me. basically leaving me at the bus station to die. very reliable parent that man is....well tomorrow is christmas, and here i am on christmas eve writing on my blog (which i recently discovered that at least one person actually reads, HERRO JK!), let me just say how uneventful this christmas is, well like the rest of 2009, not much goin on. fun times.

so my mom was talking about some nonsense and in response to her blabber, i randomly threw out my catchphrase "mom, don't be such a hater" she then got extremely offended and yelled at me for calling her hitler and asked me over and over how she in any way resembled hitler. yes, true story. booooyyyy is it going to be a long break.

well i have to go eat and change this strange pattern of sleeping until 2:30 in the afternoon. i will leave you with my favorite video of the year, no one else finds this as funny as i do.

and this lovely mariah carey song
oh wowzers i just realized this isn't the original, oh well its more festive.

OH and one more thing, YOURS TRULY, YES ME, WENT TO VISIT THE JERSEY SHORE HOUSE! all my dreams came true, it was a magical moment.



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i rather be doing something else

well hello.

i seem to have forgotten about this blog. so its finals week and i'm trying to put off studying, so here i am. this is going to bite me in the ass once i get my grades. i was so bored, i randomly decided to curl my hair in the middle of studying. this is quite celebratory considering how i never brush/do my hair. good job v. um so the year 2009 is about to pass. pretty strange how darn fast this year went by. and boy was it a sucky ass year. i don't recall a single momentous or worthwhile occasion that took place in 2009. dear lord, here's to hopefully better things to come in 2010.

what's on my mind...
i think its pretty ridiculous when people do that "if you mess with so and so, you mess with me" is that suppose to scare me? because half the time the people saying this are dinky ass mofos. if anything i would mess with them more. just cause i'm an asshole. i don't know...small thought i found funny.

oh you know what else i don't not appreciate? profile pictures of people kissing/cuddling/being gross with their significant other. yeah we know you love each other, too bad no one cares or wants to see that. it's not cute, its nauseating.

EEEEKKKKKK i saw a sneak peak for part one of the last harry potter movie and i almost shat myself. it is pretty gnarly, you should probably check it out....whoever is still reading this. man, i sound so intelligent and classy in these posts. hopefully if i run for office one day/become famous this will not haunt me. but then again, who am i kidding.

yeah its cold as balls outside, and i won't be home till the 22nd...beantown will be so butt ass cold which now hurts my joints, yes i'm 85 years old. alrighty i should probably go back to studying...i can probably kiss law school goodbye since i am so disgustingly lazy.