Sunday, October 18, 2009


wow i have neglected this blog for far too long. to be honest there's not much going on in my life besides studying and eating...its a fun time.

anyways, i cannot believe i'll be home in two weeks. it's gonna be strange being back home when so much has changed. nevertheless i'm stoked beyond words. get to see my special family and goober friends after about three months. i've been thinking more and more about where i want to go after school finishes. i have always thought politics/international affairs was the way to go but now deeper and deeper into my studies i'm starting to have second thoughts. i wanted to do something that would affect others and make an impact in this very messed up world of ours. As far as what i'm studying right now, the passion is just not there anymore. don't get me wrong i will always have an interest in such matters but i'm just wondering if i'll be happy doing it for the rest of my life and i want to spend it doing something i'm happy about. i know fashion is an impractical route to a lot of people and i do see where they're coming from. there are so many girls that claim fashion is their passion and really their lives completely revolve around it even before they're in school. it would be such a waste to completely do a 360 and transfer to parsons. obviously i don't really know if i'll like working in fashion until i shadow someone. but it is so hard to get an insider's perspective in that field. i mean what exactly do magazines or designers look for when hiring someone outside of personal style? you know what my dream job would be? be a buyer for bergdorfs or saks. you get paid a crapload to shop and i think i have a pretty good idea of what would sell. who am i those girls on the hills/city are so incredibly lucky. to have a camera follow them around and get paid thousands per episode and then lead off into such amazing opportunities at teen vogue or dvf.

i guess life really is about chance and luck sometimes, i mean watch this video:

the baby survived with a just a few small bumps on his head, incredible.

we get that one chance. usually it comes down to yes or no but it is always so much more complicated than that. i wish there weren't so many other factors. i wish you could just choose on impulse but alas life is life and i have just gotta deal with it and make my own chances.

what exactly do i want anymore??

well have a good one!

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