Thursday, September 9, 2010

seems like everyone's for themselves these days...

greetings again!

it has been far too long and much has happened in my otherwise dull life.

pretty epic summer, saw a lot of people, ate a lot food, went to alotta places, and most importantly, gained a whole new perspective (oh and about an additional 6 lbs, sorry family.) i will update soon with pictures, hopefully...

its the beginning to another school year and its not starting off the way i would like it to. i wish i had my family and friends with me, because they are without a doubt the most important part of my life. And by friends i mean the ones who've stuck by you, take you for who you are no matter what, make you laugh at yourself, and the ones who after being apart for long, it feels as if nothing's changed.

so shout out to everyone who truly matter:

mumsicles & dadsicles
despite my anger towards how gosh darn annoying you two are, i will always miss your "ways" wherever i go and your words of wisdom are always in my head. you might not think it, but i'm listening.

presh little brother, Dicky
you make me so mad sometimes with your obnoxious teenage puberty self, but i'm glad to see how close we are. you are the most special person i've ever met. thanks for the laughs.

guido cousins
jess, jenn, bev, bren for the relationship we have compared to peanuts...and for always being there to play taboo with.

my potato pals (the ones that i actually stayed friends w/after high school and made the effort to make our friendship last)
most importantly- Burkey Turkey, Buhbies, & the Apester, ya'll are RIDICULOUS.
double c's, dewek, brown suga, sometimes the italian stallion and miss. 2.0 avril.

kwastal/moesha/sista from anotha motha
you made my life in maryland bearable. thank you for EVERYTHING

cousins back in the homeland for being AMAZING FOBS, i mean that.
all my aunts and uncles who take such good care of us every time we go back to HK. truly gives me that warm and family feel. some of my happiest moments are with you all.

grandparents-for teaching my parents the morals and values that hopefully will be passed onto me to become a better person.

the aunts & uncles that have no family relation but nevertheless, treat me as if i were their own-
Susie Yee Yee & Uncle Richard, Gracie Yee Yee & Uncle Frankie, Ruby Yee Yee & Family (Jane), godfather David & Auntie Holly (plus Carmen).

i don't know where this post comes from but i think after some reflection on my life, i needed to lay out those who are apart of MY family (blood relation or not). everyone who i owe so much of my happiness to and gave me the feeling that i'm never alone wherever i go. i've realized that money seems to tear so many people apart or their selfish and cheap ways drive people away. the people listed have never been "cheap" or have been stingy with the relationship, whether they have it or not, have been more then willing to put others before themselves. thanks guys for being such great people for me to compare which relationships are real and which are simply not meant to last. people will come and go in my life, but hopefully i can hold onto you all.

WICKED CHEESY but it must be said...

until next time

Peace & Love Always,

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