Sunday, February 6, 2011

my life is a trainwreck.


it has been too long. i apologize.

so my life...back in the MD, JOY. the one state on the east coast that didn't get any of that crazy snow.

-i got yelled at by some Jesus dude reading his bible in the Commons. apparently i'm a sinner because i talk about how my school screwed me over. gee thanks for that, DO I EVEN KNOW YOU??

-i had to sit for hours in some creepy computer room to get rid of the virus on my laptop, which i'm pretty sure is still there. and i hadn't eaten all day.

-i got bored and chopped off a huge chunk of hair, so i now have asian bangs and look like every other fob on campus. great. trying to get Freja's hair, FAIL.

-got yelled out by some angry ass employees in the dinning hall for apparent "misuse" of plates. reported me to the manager. BITE ME.

-gotten kicked out of three classes because of "overcapacity" um DINGUS. I SEE TWO OPEN SEATS RIGHT THERE. gawd, i don't understand professors who go out of their way to be assholes. students are people too. k thanks.

-didn't have a ride to the grocery store for some time, all i had were cans of nuts my grams gave me to bring back to college. so i would go to bed hungry every night. no milk for far too long, i could feel my bones getting weak and brittle. seriously, i can feel these things.

-my farts are beginning to smell, they never use to, even my suitemates are getting offended. oh sorry TMI. my oversharing habit would be another item on my mother's list of reasons i will never marry a nice charming respectable well off man. whatever, take it or leave it.

-i have a serious procrastinating problem. i know every other college student does, but mine is seriously getting out of hand, it's not at all healthy. really really bad.

Well, in light of the new regarding the state of our education system it seems that American students are always striving for excellency in every aspect of their educational process.
Check it:

OH.EM.GEE. i'm still trying to muster enough courage to do something like this on one of my exams before i graduate. SUCH WINNERS. future leaders of Amurrica.

i have a sick sense of humor and i laugh when i'm nervous or in awkward situations.

this jolly man cracks me up every time. i've probably watched all of his videos and there were TEARS coming down every time. i think dick and i spent 2 hours blasting them and my mom freaked out and went on and on about why people are so messed up because they swear...

this is my favorite one:


I'm dying. everytime. i don't think anyone else finds these as funny as i do. oh BOB SAGET.
youtube him, it's Touretts Guy and he is HIGHlarious. watch them all.

alrighty i have to do some homework before the superbowl comes on. i really hope the packers will win, i hate ben rothlisbooger.

uuhhh i just drooled everywhere drinking my tea. tried to blame it on on my suite-mate, she didn't buy it. stoopid numb lip...


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