Monday, April 12, 2010 balls right now

Green Tip: Use cold water for washing your hands - there are really no health benefits in using hot water as the temperatures that kill bacteria are also too high for human skin.

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herro blog, it has been far too long....

when i started this blog i told myself i would write on it daily to better express myself...FAIL. i am just too lazy these days not to mention there's not much going on besides school. yes, i know, uber exciting. beyond ready for summer to come. funny how i tell myself to work harder every semester and it just completely backfires. so tired of stressing about everything. you live once and i just don't want to waste it on meaningless things. the other night, lil dicky called me asking for advice. i'm a guru. thanks. well homeboy's trying to figure college out. he's a sophomore in high school and he's freakin out about what to do. hell, i'm in college and i'm still trying to figure it out. asked me if he should go into business or medicine. first off, both would be strange fits because a.) he's scared of blood, gets all light headed...good luck being a doctor. b.) lacks the proper communication and logic skills to be a good businessman. c.) kids still got two years of high school and puberty to worry about. too funny....then he asked me if the healthcare field would make good money. GOOD LORD. i was losing an obscene amount of braincells talking to him. i wish i could tell him to do what his merry lil heart tells him or what makes him happy without worrying about money. i wish we wouldn't have to worry about money. but this is life and money rules it. plus i gotta take care of my parents in their old age. dandy.

well one thing dick's good at is singing opera. yeah you would never guess in that frail malnourished body of his. so i told him to get a new haircut, practice his facial expressions, get some new dance moves, and become this kid:
oh man...he will always be my little brother. for all his retard moments, gotta love him.

oh pet peeve of the day:
don't push your religion on anyone. don't tell me how god feels because you really don't know. let people figure it out on their own.

i'll try to write more often, for the few people who still read this, and for my own sake.

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