Sunday, October 24, 2010

missin the good ol'baystate

so some peeps don't understand my love and attachment to my home state. i've been to a lot of places and nothing compares to new england. you may disagree but being born and raised there my whole life, there are some small charms that makes it that much more special to me. you gotta love and remember where you came from.

i've gotta about a month till i get to go back, in the meantime, here's a list of all the things that i love and miss about bahsten and its surrounding areas.

-fenway park and the garden (sox hats and gear everywhere and everyday). gillette's too far
-the obnoxious sport fans that no other place can rival. seriously, its in our blood.
-upper crust pizza, papa gino's, spinners, & bertuccis.
-actual DERICIOUS clam chowder in a nice in a bread bowl.
-the boston accents and saying the world wicked w/o being mocked.
-boston common and the movie theater across from it.
-beautiful and chill hippie maine and vermont.
-the really RUDE drivers that have no manners...
-rockingham mall w/the annoying teenyboppers, salem nh.
-cake batter ice cream from emack and bolio's.
-getting mail from my in cambridge, yes i have one.
-no sales tax in new hampshire, my fathers love for this and his refusal to buy even a bottle of shampoo in a costco/bj's in mass.
-wrentham outlets
-the nerds at havahd & MIT, the hipsters by berkeley, the prepsters at BC, and the azns at BU.
-market basket
-the shitty T and its efforts to "modernize".
-the incredible amount of trees and ACTUAL mountains.
-Anna's taqueria, no other mexican place matches.
-newbury comics and yes the uber touristy faneuil hall.
-how friggen cheap lobstah is compared to other places, and i like it steamed dipped in butta or the asian style with scallions. plus cornbread & baked beans on the side.
-going to lawrence for whatever reason, always a charming place...
-chinatown and its lovely smell/people.
-legitimate amounts of snow but not shoveling it.
-newbury street, copley, and the pru.
-having a car albeit its shitty conditions.
-obnoxiously loud family and friends, massholes to the core.
-rotary NOT circle, highway NOT freeway, breakdown lane, and the fast lane.
-charles river for earthfest, july 4th, or new years.
-our backyard pool/pond and the ghetto cars
-frances rivera and the whole 7 news team (the anchors elsewhere suck).
-bob's discount furniture, the 1-800-cars-for-kids, ernie bott, (woops i mean BOCH ;) jr. commercials.
-how accessible everything is (beach, city, stores, nature).

it's funny how when you leave, even the most ridiculous things are missed...i'm sure there's more and i'll add onto the list but for now these off the top of my head makes being from NE that much cooler.

ughhh it smells like my roomate's feet in here. that's what happens when you don't wear socks with sneakers. i'm going to go vomit now because of this stench.

oh one more thing, my blog look is mega fugly and i apologize for its 'stuck in the '90s look' but due to my severe retardation with technology, i have no idea how to change it. so if anyone would like to help, it would be much appreciated.

have a great last week of october, oh and do try to keep it classy on halloween.
2010's almost ending, how very strange.

Love Always,

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Jess said...

This made me smile =D
I can't wait to go back home.
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