Friday, November 5, 2010

frenzy state of mind

"A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do." -Bob Dylan
greetings all!

i've officially hit holiday mode and i'm so STOKED FOR CHRISTMAS!!!
yesterday i started listening to a bunch of christmas music and wearing my holiday socks. joy!
i cannot wait to return home for turkey day and black friday. i'm sure my peanut cousins will be camping outside the stores...unfortunately bon qui qui and belendan will not me home for taboo night.

oh you peeps should probs check this out:
(please disregard that its from men's health)

well now this interesting:

well what do ya know, LOOK WHAT'S NUMBER 1. so all those hating on the more natural substances, take a good look before you make judgment.

Look what else grabbed my attention:

Invisibility cloak closer with flexible 'metamaterial'

Tweezers holding flexible metamaterial (IoP) Metamaterials work by interrupting and channelling the flow of light

Scientists in the UK have demonstrated a flexible film that represents a big step toward the "invisibility cloak" made famous by Harry Potter.

The film contains tiny structures that together form a "metamaterial", which can, among other tricks, manipulate light to render objects invisible.

Flexible metamaterials have been made before, but only work for light of a colour far beyond that which we see.

Physicists have hailed the approach a "huge step forward".

The bendy approach for visible light is reported in the New Journal of Physics.

how all very exciting! did i mention ONLY 15 MORE DAYS TILL DEATHLY HALLOWS!!

oh and i'm buying this present for my lovely brother dick cause he always dutch ovens himself and when dadsicles and i go to wake him up by lifting his covers, IT IS DEATH. i don't know what he eats...oh slim jims. my mum could probably use it too, just sayin'.

ok i am now going to attempt to be a good student.


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