Thursday, December 23, 2010


So why did Santa get a ticket on Christmas Eve?

He left his sled in the SNOW Parking Zone. get it???

bahahhaaa....i crack myself up.
so when my mummy left this year, she also took with her our christmas spirit with it. which is really sad, because now santa won't be able to power his sled...we don't even have a kwastmas tree this year and i can't find those HEINOUS sweaters with actual jinlgy bells. given our retarded one from last year that my mom decorated where she only bedazzled the front side of the tree leaving the rest naked as shit, it looks like a half-naked uber gay man. i need to find those pictures i took from yesteryear. I've attempted some very pathetic decorating and blasting christmas music all day every day. I think my dad's a little confused by such constant music...okay, i'm off to sip some hot cocoa and listen to some mariah carey holiday songs (lord knows how much i love them). because as buddy the elf once said:

i plan on doing just so!


there's too much crap in the world, so lets try our best to be merry and jolly when we can!

gawd...this post is cheesy. don't judge me.

love always,


whoxcares said...

Herro Herro. I rove your CHRISTmas spirit, and I'm glad you're trying not to let your dad/bro ruin it with their lack of such.
Look at me, I sound SO EDUCATED. I'm lovin' the Buddy the Elf picture that's identical to the one we put on or door before the gay RA destroyed our spirit once again.
Hope you enjoy your holiday (and snuggie) and most importantly break from school/ the room without air.

Jess said...

haha fiquid...
santa does not ride a sled, he rides a sleigh =D

Keep up the Christmas spirit you goofy gal

Haute World said...

Hope you had a lovely Christmas! Ahh, I love Will Ferrell as Buddy...