Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sippin flower tea in my tie dye snuggie

i have turned into a fruit.

suppose to be studying for my final tomorrow, instead i'm here jammin to some tunes in the above scenario. lovely. oh and hackin up a lung. my dadsicles called early this time and told me to remind him daily and ask that useless brother of mine to write numerous notes for him to pick me up on friday. i bet yall the man will forget/be late regardless. this life of an eggrorr is oh so much fun...

oh and should i ever decide to have children, i would like you all to get this for me for my baby shower. in a wide assortment of colors (except pink, not a fan). thanks!

just imagine my cute asian face there instead. beyond glorious.

ok that's all for now.

peace to the bumcrease,


Jess said...

haha oh goodness, that one in the picture is ridiculous.
you're so cute.
you know what snuggies are for? SNUGGLING!
have you figured out if you are going back to bos on friday?

Eggy said...

tehehe!! yay i'm glad someone reads this one. and i will indeed be back this coming friday night!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tights Lover said...

Hope you did okay on the final. Any luck finding the leggings?

Love the picture. It gets cold in Boston, sometimes you gotta go the extra mile to keep junior warm!!


LOL i'm adding you to my blogroll you're hilarious...best christmas gift EVA.