Saturday, March 5, 2011

i just can't get enough

mood: guilty...
currently listening to: depeche mode mix

i am addicted to this.

so incredibly good. go check it out. well others may not find it as appealing as i do.

2 week until i trek home, yay!

starting to like my hair again. haway!

i can't stop snorting. i don't know what's wrong with me.

a certain someone i live with likes to not clean up after herself and left our bathroom (which has no ventilation, mind you, AT ALL). i open the door to change and HOLY CRAP it smells like period blood in there. almost like a mix of a pile of shit, an old sushi market, and a dead body. lovely, i hope you enjoyed that description. if i had to go through that, the least i can do is let you imagine the gawd awful stench. I AM NOT BEING DRAMATIC. honestly one of the worst smells i've ever come across, and i've smelled a lot of nasty shit in my life, don't ask me why. ps, she went to bed at 11:20 on a saturday night. so if she expects us to be quiet, we will not. Can we please live like a normal college student please? ok thank you.

throwback song of the day.

i have many special memories to this song. mostly around a lake and asians and karaoke.

ughhh my body is so sore from working out. i'm gonna be a fitness guru. oh and i was forced to go to yoga, mighta let a lil toot out here and there....or five. i have a problem with over sharing, please stay being my friend.


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