Sunday, April 24, 2011


you know, cause Jesus and I are such great buddies! i finally got my first Easter basket today (i got a little too excited during my search for the basket...) at my bestest maryland friend's house with her amazeballs muurland family. wuv you kwastal joan.

so about a month ago i went home for spring break, super cool, and i was on my laptop proceeding to take a little bathroom break. upon my return i found this on my screen:

since it is easter, i remembered this beautiful piece of art made by my brother for no apparent reason back in the month of march. he is 17. strange boy i tell you.

this was my brother and I as small chitlins.

only we're not white, we are very much yellow.

also this caught my attention today:

her sister goes to school at emerson, lo' and behol' she finally runs into meh grams and at all places, CVS. i can't breath. here she is on google earth being a doll.

I AM DYING. yes ya'll my grams is one infamous lady in the city of Boston, particularly at all of the city's CVS's.
i love her.

what a magnificent day and to top it all off:

this week made me happy because of the above. hopefully it will continue on until we are CHAMPIONS. because unless we win, nothing else matters.

oh yeah one more thing. i was on the phone with my mother the other night and she proudly told me that she called into Verizon to ask the customer service guy where and what time the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate will be broadcasted. he told her to google it and she replied "oooohhh GOOOOGLLEE???" in her creepy asian accent. he then told her to press guide on the remote and she frustratedly replied that we do not receive tvguide. meanwhile my asshole brother is sitting right there on a COMPUTER and letting the poor woman struggle away.

imagine being the Verizon guy on the other line, picking up the phone expecting some troubleshooting problem only to explain to some asian woman how to find out when the royal wedding will be on tv. you can't make this shit up.

okay thanks and good day,

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